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Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand has offered me a job and I took it. I'm no longer in America! WHAAAA?!

They worked on LOTR, Kong, Avatar and many other great movies.
I'm joining the crew as a facial modeler. The job involves creating/designing faces for characters and creatures as well as sculpting face shapes for the animators to animate with. There is a ton of other stuff, but is all hush hush.

I cant talk about what projects I'm working on, but let me assure you, they are awesome!
It was a very big move for me, but I'm very happy with my decision.

I also have several personal projects that I've been working on, hopefully they will see the light of day here soon.

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Disney decided to axe us.…

I'm looking for a new job. If you're hiring character modelers (Film/Games) hit me up.

I'm not off the band wagon yet, but that day is imminent ;[
Playing WoW once every two weeks was far too often, and the fact that the expansion pack is coming out which, by design, will make me a scrub again isn't a pleasing thought..I decided to finally get the xbox to fill up the gaming void.
GOW2, Burnout paradise thus far..   I'll probably pick up Gotham racing tonight too.
What are you guys playing right now? any sick RPGs? I'm a huge fan of playing online.

oh and the fact that the game I worked on (my first title!) came out and I have yet to check it out  >_>    Spiderman : Web of Shadows

!!If you got a live account add me!! :    Sir ViciousFace
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  • Watching: myself impale some fucker with a chainsaw VROOOM!!
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  • Eating: takeout Sushi
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Whats up deviants!?
Here is a clue to what Mark has been doing all these months.
<<Reverse>> back 12 months, its Spring 07 I was busting my ASS for the Academy of Arts -Spring Show. Zbrush is the new kid on the block and everyone has their finger in it's honey jar getting a taste. No pressure, the guy who wins gets famous overnight o_o;
Apparently people liked my Amazon model enough to give me 1st place. That competition turned my life around and me winning that show got me a job instantly. And that job was at Shaba Games  (In San Francisco). I got to work on a really sick project! Should be announced soon...
I learned a ton from those cats and really found out what it takes to make a game and make it right. They gave me my first break and I thank them for it!
Around December I decided to try and set out for my true calling. Film.
I left Shaba and perused to polish some art for a reel and try and apply for a job in the film industry.
A few months later  I got hired at Imagemovers Digital! and that is where I work everyday now.
We are working on Christmas Carol and the movie looks amazing. Truly state of the art technology being used to create state of the art art.
I'm wrapping up my college BFA degree this semester and moving up in the world.
I would like to thank everyone that helped me get to where I am today. All the teachers and all my friends.
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  • Watching: Dominance War 3 threads
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2 (Mr Vicious on steam)
  • Eating: Twix bars.
  • Drinking: Tejava